Fraud Warning

Fraudulent broker activities

Time and again (residential) properties are being offered on various internet portals by alleged "Allianz Real Estate" brokers or by using photos or names of our employees at relatively favorable purchase or rental conditions. The Allianz trademark, the name of an Allianz company and also the photos and names of our employees are being misused in these cases.

For these fraudulent transactions, among others, the internet addresses and, as well as the e-mail addresses operations (at), have been used.

These fraudulent activities often follow the same pattern. For someone to be able to purchase or rent a property, the fraudster sends interested parties emails in English and asks them to make an advance payment to an account named by the broker in order to reserve the offer.

Allianz would like to inform the public that no connections exist between Allianz and these fraudulent activities. Recipients of these emails should therefore not make any advance payments, as any such payments would be lost. Please inform us via anti-fraud (at) if you suspect that you have been contacted by "Allianz Real Estate" with fraudulent intent.

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