Allianz Real Estate begins construction at Friesenplatz in Cologne

Cologne, 10/05/2016

From autumn 2016 to summer 2020, Allianz Real Estate Germany are building Haus Friesenplatz on one of the most vibrant squares in Cologne. After two phases of construction, Friesenplatz 2-14 will be home to offices, shops and flats with around 15,500m² of useful area. 111 parking spaces are also being built.

One of the tenants already occupying the Allianz property is Weingarten, a fashion boutique that has had its head office there since 1930. During the construction, the boutique will be expanding its presence in the area by renting approximately 2,200m² of retail and storage space.

Haus Friesenplatz

Start of the gutting and demolition work

The gutting and demolition of the former buildings at Friesenplatz 2-8 in Cologne begins this week. It is expected to continue till April 2017 and to lay the groundwork the construction of the new buildings as part of the first construction phase for the future Haus Friesenplatz. Archaeologists and monument preservationists from the Romano-Germanic Museum will than study the area until the end of June 2017. From the middle of June 2017, Allianz Real Estate wishes to have the foundations laid while the archaeologists carry out their work. Demolition firm AWR will finally clear the site by August 2017 so that building work can begin on the buildings at Friesenplatz 2-8.

Haus Friesenplatz

Construction in two phases

Demand for modern, interconnected office spaces with a flexible layout in Cologne remains as high as ever. As such, Allianz are creating approximately 7,700m² of office and retail space in the first construction phase (autumn 2016 to autumn 2018). The second phase (autumn 2018 to autumn 2020) will see the construction of a further 6,600m² of additional office and retail space, as well as premium apartments in a prime town center location. The marketing of the office space will be led by JLL Cologne. Cologne-based architects msm meyer schmitz-morkramer designed the new seven-story building which will be built by the primary contractor, Lang & Cie. Rhein-Ruhr Real Estate AG, also based in Cologne.

The building will have three different façade sections in order to ensure seamless integration into the cityscape. In doing so, Allianz will be complying with the requirements of the architectural advisory board and the city of Cologne. All rental units are either equipped with a terrace or a balcony. The construction principal mainly envisages consulting firms and creative industries, which are well represented in Cologne, as the buildings' main target group.

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