#MIPIM2016 - ARE tweets from Cannes about growth, partnerships, diversification and hunting in the rain for deals

Munich/Cannes, 04/12/2016

François Trausch together with his executive board members passed four intense days of positioning and representing Allianz Real Estate at the world’s property market in Cannes. After the fair they recited their impressions.

“We met many Allianz's operating partners and made new business relationships as well as strengthened existing ones. We were able to discuss several promising investment opportunities in our ARE Lounge just opposite the Palais des Festivals which is just the perfect setting for a company like ours”, said François Trausch upon his return to Munich. 


“MIPIM continues to become more important for Allianz Real Estate of America”, said US CEO Christoph Donner. “MIPIM provides a unique opportunity to discuss global initiatives with some of our key clients in addition to catching up with European investors who are looking to enter the US market.”

And also for the Swiss real estate platform MIPIM is a place-to-be according to local CEO Martin Kaleja. "All relevant Swiss players meet at the Swiss Circle to discuss market perspectives, actual projects as well as future developments and trends."


"It has been a busy week in Cannes with many arranged and ad hoc meetings", said Annette Kröger, CEO of Allianz Real Estate Germany. Her focus was not only on catching up on specific deals that are currently in the market but equally on meeting with existing and potential future partners. "The aim is to establish and build on those partnerships to better identify joint opportunities in the current competitive market environment", she concluded.

"The current real estate environment is still driven by a lot of cash chasing fewer assets which continues to increase pricing and risk levels above previous ones", CRO Hauke Brede pointed out after MIPIM. And this long-lasting trend seemed to be negatively impacted by a few events such the increase in US interest rates, the drop in oil prices or the Brexit. "Therefore investors are talking more and more about 'smart risk' or 'investments with an airbag' incl. downside protection within existing portfolios or when executing new investments."

"Sentiment at MIPIM is ranging between exuberance and anxiety. However one thing is certain: real-estate remains in everyone's mind a safe(r) heaven", said CIO Olivier Téran about his impression at MIPIM.
"On one side, record transaction volumes and higher pricing make sellers, brokers and placement agents fairly happy. On the other hand, mounting concerns on the global economy and geopolitical risks are forcing investors to be even more discriminating."


"The impact of the technology on the way and design buildings have been discussed very often", said Barbara Koreniouguine, CEO of ARE France. "We also benefited from MIPIM by having met major consulting companies, developers and planners in order to identify possible deals at an early stage as well as future urban development projects in the Benelux, the "Ile-de-France" region and the major regions in France."

And the Head of European Real Estate Finance, Roland Fuchs, was hunting for deals in the rain which poured down untypically during day 2 but which did not kept him away from doing business. "With prime debt deals in Europe having become as competitive as on the equity side MIPIM provided as usual an excellent opportunity to meet sponsors, asset managers and club deal partners involved in the pitch for upcoming mandates being negotiated during the first half of the year. And now being back in the office it is on our agenda to transform such deal knowledge gained into concrete and solid debt investments for Allianz."

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