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1. Controller? 

As operator of a Facebook fan page, Allianz Real Estate GmbH (“ARE”, “we, “us”) and Facebook Ireland Ltd. (“Facebook”), are joint controllers pursuant to Art. 4 Paragraph 7 in conjunction with Art. 26 of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). The controllers (1st controller: Facebook; 2nd controller: ARE) process personal data when you visit our Facebook fan page. The following describes which data is collected, how it is processed and which rights you have in this regard.

We have concluded an agreement with Facebook on joint data-protection responsibility with regard to the processing of personal data. Data processing is based on this agreement between jointly responsible entities pursuant to Art. 26 GDPR.

Facebook is co-responsible for the data obtained using the tool named ‘Insights’ and assumes essential data-protection obligations with regard to informing data subjects, data security or reporting data protection violations. The agreement stipulates furthermore that Facebook is the primary point of contact for the exercise of data subjects' rights (Art. 15–22 GDPR). As the provider of the social network, solely Facebook has direct access to the required information and can also immediately take any necessary measures and provide information. Should our support nevertheless be required, we can be contacted at any time. 

2. Data Protection Officer

You can contact Facebook’s Data Protection Officer using the online contact form that Facebook provides. Additionally, you can contact our Data Protection Officer by referring to our Privacy Notice.

3. Use of Cookies and Insights

We use the Facebook Insights function in connection with operation of the Facebook fan page in order to obtain anonymized statistical data about users. Facebook provides information on Insights and the Facebook pages in its Data Protection Notice.
For this purpose, Facebook places a cookie on your device when you visit our Facebook fan page.

Facebook receives, records and processes the information stored in the cookie. Moreover, parties such as Facebook affiliates or other third parties may also use cookies in connection with Facebook services in order to perform services on behalf of the companies advertising on Facebook. For more information on the use of cookies, please refer to the Facebook Cookie Policy.

4. Purposes of Processing

The information is processed firstly to enable Facebook to improve the system of advertising that it disseminates by means of its network, among other things. It is secondly intended to enable us, as operator of the Facebook fan page, to receive statistics that are compiled by Facebook based on visits to our Facebook fan page. The purpose is to control marketing of our activities, to offer more relevant content, to develop functions that may reflect your interests to a greater extent and to optimize the presentation of our company to interested parties.

Moreover, the information collected is also used to compile demographic and geographic analyses that allow us to obtain a better understanding of how we can achieve our marketing objectives with the Facebook fan page to a greater extent. We can use this information to place targeted, interest-based advertisements without requiring direct knowledge of the your identity. Where you use Facebook on several devices, the collection and analysis of data can also be synchronized for all of these devices, provided that you are registered and signed into your personal profiles.

The statistics are transferred to us exclusively in an anonymized form. We do not have access to the underlying datasets.

5. Legal Grounds and Legitimate Interest

We operate this Facebook fan page to present ourselves to, and communicate with, the users of Facebook and other interested persons that visit our Facebook fan page. Pursuant to Art. 6 Paragraph 1 Letter ‘f’ GDPR, this serves to safeguard our predominantly legitimate interests in an optimized presentation of our offer and effective communication with customers and interested parties.

6. Transfer of Data

Facebook may process some of the information collected outside of the European Union based on Standard Contractual Clauses (“SCCs”) for data transfers between EU and non-EU countries since it holds data warehouses out of EU jurisdictions. Notwithstanding, Facebook has certified to the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks regarding the collection and processing of personal data from advertisers, customers, or business partners in the European Union. By doing so, it is obliged to comply with the European data protection standards.

We do not pass on any personal data outside of the EU ourselves.

7. Right to Object

You can adjust your ad preference settings to change how usage data is collected when you visit our Facebook fan page. Additional options are available under Facebook settings or by using the form for submitting objections.

In addition, you can prevent the processing of information using the cookie that Facebook places on your device by adjusting your browser settings to disable third-party cookies or Facebook cookies.

8. Nature of the Shared Responsibility

The agreements with Facebook, also in regard to shared responsibility, essentially state that requests for information and the exercise of other rights of data subjects are most sensibly addressed directly to Facebook. This is because Facebook alone, as provider of the social network and the opportunity for integration of Facebook pages, has direct access to the electronic information and is able to take necessary measures and offer information. Feel free to contact us at any time if our assistance in addressing your query to Facebook may be of any particular relevance.

9. Information About Contact Details and Other Rights as the Data Subject

The applicable data-protection law grants you comprehensive rights as data subjects with respect to the party responsible with regard to the processing of your personal data, of which we inform you below:

Enquiries regarding rights of data subjects should be addressed directly to Facebook. Please use the form for inquiries. If you submit enquiries to us, these will be forwarded to Facebook in its capacity as primarily responsible party for data processing.

Visit the Privacy Notice on our website for our contact details, more information about the rights of data subjects and how we otherwise process personal data.

Visit the Facebook Privacy Policy for more information about how Facebook manages personal data.

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